COVID-19 Information

The advice contained below has been taken from various government and tutoring websites and will most likely be subject to change as the pandemic progresses.

Safety is obviously my paramount concern so I would ask that parents and guardians contact me immediately if a Covid-19 infection is either suspected or confirmed in their household.

Clearly no matter how many precautions we take there still remains a risk of infection and it is important that everyone recognises this.

In order to make a tutoring session as safe as possible I have made the following changes to the way I operate:

  • I will maintain government recommended social distancing wherever possible

  • I will cleanse my hands with sanitiser before and at the end of each session.

  • I will wear a mask for the duration of each session

  • I will no longer be able to share equipment with students so I will supply each student with the following:
    • whiteboard, whiteboard pen and rubber
    • basic set of maths equipment but not a calculator
    • an exercise book
    • handouts and worksheets as required

  • I would prefer, if at all possible, that payments be made by bank transfer rather than cash. Please note that I no longer accept payment by cheque.

The precautions listed are my interpretation of the government guidelines. If parents feel that they would like me to take further precautions e.g. gloves, visor etc than please feel free to get in contact to discuss.

Richard Hill

1st November 2020